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Stay informed with planning app alerts for your chosen area.

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Our aim is to simplify being kept informed of local planning applications.

Feel more engaged

Have a say in how your local community develops around you.

Keeping homeowners happy

Be in the know about planning apps near to where you live.

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Enjoy our ¼ mile alert service free forever. Distance upgrade available.


Find out what some of our customers think



Retired home owner

'As a home owner it's very reassuring to know what is planned for where I live.



Prospective home buyer

The service helped me quickly find out what's planned for the area we are looking to buy in.



Mum of three

I use the free service to find any new plans that may affect us. We love the space around where we live.



Northbridge Construction

My last two contracts have come through leads from Planning Alerts. The system works!



Small business owner

It's very important to me to know what's going on around my business, it keeps me aware of any major changes to the area.

Local Planning Authorities

Our alert system is updated daily from 241 planning authorities.

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