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Corby > NC/21/00279/TPO

T1; Ash Tree, The tree is in extremely poor condition. Large cavity above the major union half way up the tree. Previously covered by Ivy. Over hanging neighbouring property boundary lines. Fell Tree to prevent failure in the near future. 6. Tree

The Willows Water Lane Weldon Corby Northamptonshire NN17 3HJ


17th June 2021

Corby > NC/21/00282/TPO

Unsafe tree

47 Chapel Road Weldon Corby Northamptonshire NN17 3HW


14th June 2021

Corby > NC/21/00267/CAT

Sycamore tree

18 Occupation Road Corby Northamptonshire NN17 1EB


9th June 2021

Corby > NC/21/00265/CAT

T1 Yew; Crown reduce by approximately 2.5-3.0 metres in height and laterally to balance pruning to suitable growth points to retain the flowing lines of the canopy. Crown clean removing all dead, diseased, dying, crossing, rubbing and duplicate branches. C

24 High Street Gretton NN17 3DE


8th June 2021

Corby > NC/21/00228/DPA

Single storey rear extension

13 Glover Court Middleton Market Harborough Leicestershire LE16 8TQ


7th June 2021

Corby > NC/21/00233/DPA

Two Storey side extension

14 Occupation Road Corby Northamptonshire NN17 1EB


7th June 2021

Corby > NC/21/00261/CON

Details pursuant to Condition 13 (Great Crested Newt Statement) and 14 (Dormouse Statement) of Planning Permission 18/00817/OUT. Site Preparation Phases 1a, 2a and 2b (excluding principal access / S.278 works within Site Preparation Phase 2a). PART DISCHAR

Cowthick Plantation Stamford Road Stanion Northamptonshire


7th June 2021

Corby > NC/21/00255/TPO

T1-3 lime to be pollard at approximately 20feet from ground level, to creat a lower screen and Re-establish a new crown.

9 Station Road Gretton NN17 3BU


4th June 2021

Corby > NC/21/00253/DPA

Demolition of existing garage, utility room, conservatory and construction of 2 storey side and front extension, porch and single storey rear extension.

30 Southbrook Corby NN18 9BE


3rd June 2021

Corby > NC/21/00249/CON

Details Pursuant to Condition 14 (External Lighting) of Planning Permission Reference 20/00276/RVC (Residential Development) at Parcel 17a, Zone 1 Priors Hall Park

Priors Hall Development Site Stamford Road Weldon Northamptonshire


1st June 2021

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